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The first issue of the “Journal of Dental School (JDS)” was published in 1967 by the effort of Professor Ali Akbar Bahraman, Dean of the School at the time aiming to spread the knowledge and findings of dental scholars. Following the Islamic Revolution, publication of this journal was halted for a few years and then restarted in March 1984. Journal of Dental School was re-established soon became the leading dental journal, nationwide, with more focus on national research findings. In 2012, JDS reformatted to provide manuscripts in both Persian and English languages for national and international readers. In line with high demands for international recognition, English was adopted as the official languages of the journal, effective Jan 2014.

JDS is published quarterly with steps taken towards excellence through publishing mainly original works. "Journal of Dental School" is an open access, peer-reviewed journal with a history of indexing in various scientific web indexing systems including: Google Scholar, chemical Abstracts Services (CAS), CINAHL, EMRO, SID, ISC and Barakatkns. Some of the above listed indexing systems have changed policies and there for this journal’s title may no hanger be available there while some are reviewing the renewal application at this stage.

 This journal aims to spread the knowledge in the national and international level and provide scholars with the most recent findings and advances in the dental field. This journal publishes original articles, case reports, case series and systematic reviews in the field of dentistry and related topics. "Journal of Dental School" is published only online for easy and fast access.

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